Koppány Kandalló 3534 Miskolc, Árpád út 54. - Telefon: 20/ 9-119-771

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Over the special handcrafts we are able to do any precision working on metals including laser-technology plate cutting, computerised edge-bending and shed painting, which allows to make even sprayed surfaces. These technologies are necessaries for high-tech fireplaces.
During the wood processing if desired we can work with exotes (American cherry wood, mahogany, palisander, maple wood), different profiles and lacquers, and special sized beams.
We acquired wide experience in stone processing: from trimming with hands, through executing special shapes and profiles, to work with limestone, marble and granite.
In case of special, sculpture-like fireplaces we can stick glasses with invisible edges, make etch work, decoration and portrait spraying.

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