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Welcome to our homepage. I am György Koppány Schmitkó, the general manager of Grandeur 2001 Ltd. My company was established in 2001 for the activity of building tile stoves and fireplaces. I finished my studies as an engineer at Győr but it has not satisfied my creativity and constructive instinct, thus I learnt a craft of old traditions. I obtained my professional expertise at a technical school and as a trainee besides craftsmen with a Hungarian reputation.

I consider it very important to preserve our folk traditions, so I put high emphasis on the maintenance of the ancient techniques and tricks. Besides this it cannot be denied that this profession - like all others - is constantly developing and modernising. We regularly participate conferences, trainings and exhibitions abroad in order to follow the newest trends and technical innovations.

It is important to mention that our company is a family business, so all the parts of the activity is supervised and done by one person from the planning until execution. This is the core of the perfect and precise work. Based on this we construct exclusive fireplaces, tile stoves and ovens where we mix special handcrafts with newest technologies (see references). This way we can make shape for the desires of our customers that are aligned with the conditions of the place.

György Koppány Schmitkó